Ben Sanoff is Director of Data Analytics, where he supports teams in using data for learning. Since joining the GSE in 2016, he has been most involved in the Share Your Learning Campaign, Deeper Learning HUB, CARPE College Access Network, and the Center for Research on Equity and Innovation. In each project, he is focused on empowering teams of practitioners to use educational data to collaboratively solve problems of practice. In addition, Ben brings years of experience designing online learning experiences and implementing educational technology. He developed the Deeper Learning Hub Courses and the CARPE College Pathways Course to support educators transitioning to online and blended learning contexts. 

Prior to joining High Tech High, Ben served as a social studies teacher, technology coordinator, and teacher leader at Berkeley High, where he was deeply involved in program design, professional development, and technology implementation to help address issues of equity and make instruction more student-centered. As technology coordinator, Ben developed a blended learning program and later as a teacher implemented a self-paced mastery economics course. 

Inspired to become an educator as a result of his educational experiences growing up in Cambridge Massachusetts, Ben attended Colby College, received a Master’s of Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and was awarded a Master’s of Education in School Leadership from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education.

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